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Just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know I played in my first college tournament last weekend- and my knee felt great. I want to thank you again for working with me on my rehab, especially during my winter break, because I saw so much progress in such a short amount of time that I hadn't seen in an entire semester of physical therapy here at school. I still get my knee taped by my trainer for reinforcement, but it has been holding up really well during spring season so far, and I am excited to be back on the court and practicing again so I can be ready for next fall when our season starts.
Thanks again and I hope everything is going well for you.

PS. My mom visited me this weekend for Easter and wanted me to let you know that her shoulder feels great as well.
- Gabi C.

Wow, I am so glad to have discovered this place (quite by accident, actually).  I severely sprained my foot in a car accident and developed plantar fasciitis from the walking boot my doctor put me in.  I had tried every therapy known to man to help relieve the pain, and absolutely nothing worked. On a business trip, I found Justin Brink on the Active Release Technique practitioner website.  After about 6 treatments, my foot feels so much better.  They spend a good amount of time with you evaluating the condition and providing a variety of different modalities to treat the injury.  I am so grateful to have discovered such an innovative place of care.
- Mishel F.

Highly recommend Dr Brink. My husband & I have used him since December 2007.  His chiropractic ART method works great to solve our issues. We drive about 125 miles round trip to use Dr Brink. He takes his time to listen to your problems and solves them. He is the best chiropractic doctor that we have used.
- Nadine F.

Love Dr Brink's technique!! He uses multiple techniques to treat the issue. He explains what and why he is doing what he's doing very well. And he is a great listener. I highly recommend Premiere Spine!! I also go to Liz for massage. She is also a great communicator, listens to your issues and concerns and seeks to make you feel better. She always follows up to see how you are doing after your massage. She is very interested in therapuetic, sports massage and has great knowledge of the human body. Massage room is very nice too. I always feel very taken care of when i leave there.
- Cheryl E.

I am a mid-40’s recreational bicyclist, just getting back into the sport and training for organized rides and occasional club races. After a series of knee problems became chronic last spring, I spent ten frustrating weeks of rest, ibuprofen, ice, and regular physical therapy that didn’t work. I’d worked for nine months preparing for a big event in July and was running out of time as my conditioning slipped away, and like many people, was really apprehensive about seeing a chiropractor. But I’d heard good things about a specific procedure (Graston Technique) that Dr. Brink’s clinic offered for chronic knee pain, and the research checked out, so I took a chance and made an appointment...
Within a few minutes, he’d isolated the specific area of my pain and correctly diagnosed the problem – in my hip!
- Ole J.

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Dr. Brink is young, athletic, and very friendly. He got into chiropractic medicine after an injury nearly ended his own collegiate athletic career, and it was evident right away when he handled my leg and asked questions that he’s had a lot of experience treating orthopedic problems like mine. Within a few minutes, he’d isolated the specific area of my pain and correctly re-diagnosed the problem – in my hip! – and began telling me about his treatment plan.

He immediately understood my situation. He was up front about his philosophy – his goal was not simply to fix the injury so I could ride hard again, but also to help me develop habits and knowledge (stretching, exercises, and self-awareness) to restore balance and prevent the problem from occurring again. Dr. Brink also honored my concerns about chiropractic adjustments, and explained that he would only focus on soft tissue work with me. He showed me some stretches and exercises to start with, made sure I knew how to do them with proper form, and I left feeling hopeful for the first time in weeks.

I saw Dr. Brink twice a week through the three weeks prior to the event, and was able to come back and train hard enough to beat my target time for the ride and complete the event without the pain. Dr. Brink even emailed me a few days after the ride to see how things went, which was really thoughtful and meant a lot to me.

His whole approach to the doctor/patient relationship is refreshing. With every visit, he saw me on time and greeted me warmly, took time to talk and expressed genuine interest in my progress. Even though I know he was seeing patient after patient each day, he made me feel like I was his most important case. This is how every doctor should treat his patients!

Dr. Brink saw me at the end of June, and six months later, I am injury-free and continuing to improve my ride times. As a result of Dr. Brink’s guidance, I’ve totally changed my workout plan and philosophy, with more emphasis on stretching and whole-body conditioning. Looking back, I wasted two and a half months trying to rehab my sore knee after the mis-diagnosis from MDs and physical therapists, and in less than three weeks Dr. Brink found the problem in my hip and IT band, calmed the symptoms through deep tissue massage and Graston, and coached me through the stretches, exercises, and self-massage that have kept me healthy and helped me aim for higher goals. I'm not a hard-core racer or anything, but I am really pleased with how much I’ve improved now that I’m riding pain-free, feeling much better with my new workout routines. If I ever experience another serious injury, this is the doc I’ll see before going anywhere else, and I give Dr. Brink five stars without reservation.
- Ole J.

I am a Systems Engineer for a prominent/innovative storage company in the Bay Area, and I specialize in Data Protection focusing on Disaster Recovery. My fitness hobbies include hiking, mountain climbing, and cross-fitting. A few months back I had injured my left hand. Pull-ups were only part of the workout, but for what I needed to accomplish, a speedy completion of the task was a necessary element.
- Tim T.

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Because of this need for speed, I elected to employ a method of pull-ups known as “kipping.” Kipping pull-ups utilize momentum to thrust the body upwards to the bar. However, this momentum torqued the muscles in my left hand to a critical level, therefore inducing a major strain in the palm. Chalking it up as something that would heal quickly, I didn’t seek medical help.

I would soon find that it was unfortunate how I delayed my visit to Premiere. Nearly two months had passed since hurting my hand. I figured it would heal on its own. This did appear to be the case…until the next time pull-ups, muscle-ups, or overhead squats re-aggravated the palm. And so, scar tissue built upon scar tissue, through each iteration of injury/healing.

As a result, a massive buildup of scar tissue formed within the palm nearly 1/3 the size of a golf ball between the pinky finger and wrist. Making a fist became difficult.

As luck would have it, Dr. Chris Baker attended a local event where pull-ups were part of the competition. Our initial discussion was in regards to Rock Tape in preparation for pull-ups which played a role in the events of the day. This was at a time probably a month and a half since the inception of the injury. At this event, I anticipated the injury would certainly crop up. I had heard about rock tape and figured this would be a good way to apply some preventative measures. After a few moments discussing my experience I could tell Dr. Chris was a very knowledgeable doctor whom had a good amount of experience with my situation. I took a business card. A week or so later I found myself at Premiere.

Dr. Chris assessed the damages while asking a continuous stream of questions about; how the injury occurred initially, timeline of painful events to the best of my memory, complimented by details of all my observations. The details of the assessment were refined via manual troubleshooting the problem area but it was soon determined that scar tissue build-up was the major culprit. Laser treatment at Premiere certainly helped to heat up and disperse this tissue. Consequent massaging of the area with tools optimized the dispersion of this tissue softened by the laser. This sped up the recovery of my hand dramatically. After ~5 laser treatments I can say that my hand is in great shape, even after being tested thoroughly via pull-ups, muscle-ups, and overhead squats this past month.

This goes without saying. Not only is my left hand completely functional, but there is no pain whatsoever. Thank you Premiere Spine and Sport!
- Tim T.

Massage Therapy

Lisbeth is fantastic! I've had the pleasure of going to her recently. I've had pain running after having my second child. She immediately started finding my issues and is working them out. I felt significantly better after my first session and just had my second today. She rocks! You are in great hands with her! By the way, she has the strongest hands on the planet!
- Christy D. 

Last year I received a series of massages from Lisbeth for pain in my hip, which had been diagnosed as bursitis by my physician. I had tried different things to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to work optimally for me. Lisbeth was genuinely interested in finding out what was going on in my hip, why it was so affected and how she could relieve the pain. She persistently sought new approaches if she didn't yield the result she expected, and when she found the spot causing all the havoc…I was finally able to get back into my running routine. I would highly recommend Lisbeth.
- Maria A.

Lisbeth is AMAZING!
Before I get into how amazing she is, let me tell you the condition of my problem. I'm a dog groomer, so I do a lot of repetitive and strenuous movements. This repetition has caused me to have knots in my upper left back. The pain started back in Oct. 2011. 5 months later, I am in constant pain, my knots feel like rocks under my skin, and the tension has spread to my upper right back, both shoulders, left chest, bicep/tricep, and torso.

Now, let me tell you about this amazing Sports Massage Therapist.
Before she begins your massage therapy, she accesses your problem areas, pin pointing exactly which area(s) need treatment. It's magic from the get go. I've been to other massage therapists (none were trained specifically for sports or injuries, as far as I know - they work at Massage Envy), and they were not as thorough as Lisbeth. She concentrates on the problem areas and works out every knot she finds. She found knots I didn't know I had! She stretched the problems areas out. In my case, she stretched my arms in all different directions. By the end of my session with Lisbeth I felt lighter, looser. My back and shoulders were no longer as tight as when I had arrived. Magic hands, I tell you!

And the best part about seeing her for my problem, she provided me with exercises I can do at home that will help to rid me of my knots. I love this because this shows me that she does care about getting me back to 100%. Lisbeth is one of the few who actually cares about bettering one's condition!
- Connie T.

Lisbeth is very professional in her work and is determined to help you get better. I had problems with my elbow from carrying my son. Lisbeth worked on it one time and it was much better the very next day. She knows what she is doing. I can say from experience that it hurts when she works on you, so don't go to Lisbeth if you are looking for a back rub. But if you want to get better, Lisbeth is the one to see. If I have problems with my elbow again or anything else, I am seeing Lisbeth because she will make it better - I am sure of it!
- Birgitte K.

Lisbeth and her colleague did chiro/massage for two days at the company I work for.  I was able to squeeze in a 15 minute massage, which was really helpful because I did a 16 mile backpacking trip this past weekend, and my shoulders were KILLING me.  Lisbeth was amazing!  After only 15 minutes she was able to loosen up my tight muscles in my shoulders, and help me relax.  That isn't a small thing - I carry all my stress in my shoulders, and I sit at my desk typing all day long (and as I mentioned, I had a 25 pound backpack on my back all weekend long).  She's really sweet, and chatted the perfect amount - just enough to put me at ease.  I would definitely recommend her!
- Cori D.

I hurt my left psoas muscle while running and I tried rolling and stretching and my PT said I just needed time to heal. After 10 weeks of no real improvement I went to Lisbeth and she worked her magic! I am back running again. I highly recommend Lisbeth's top notch skills!
- Myrna R.

Personal Training

“I got a serious low back problem due of bulging disk back in 2009 and I was trying out all kind of treatments (including cortisone injections, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal treatments, etc.) except surgery which I wanted to avoid as much aspossible.  But, none of the treatments gave me complete cure or permanent improvement.

My work involved sitting in front of the computer, but it was very hard for me to drive or sit and work more than half hour. I had to work standing and take bed resets every few hours. Also, I was not able to perform many of my day-to-day duties at home because any bending, lifting, etc. would aggravate the disk problem.

I met Adam in 2010 at chiropractor’s place, and once started training with him, I had gradual, but very steady and continuous improvement with my back. Within 12 sessions or so I was able to sit and work for several hours and I returned to full day work schedule within couple of months. Since then I have been training with Adam and now I’m able to work full day and handle most of my duties at home as well.

Before I met Adam I was bit out shape and doctor had been asking me to reduce my weight for many years.  After started training with Adam I lost about 25 pounds within first couple of months and I’m back in shape in shape now. Also, now I feel much more stronger than how I felt even before I got my back problem and I feel very good about
myself now.

Apart from that physical training, Adam also taught me and inspired me on proper diet, stress management, better and balanced lifestyle. As a positive side effect of working with Adam, I’m almost out my migraine headaches issue, which I suffered for many years.
From my experience and understanding, I strongly feel that Adam is well-educated and passionate personal trainer and lifestyle coach.”
-Samy P.

“What sets Adam apart from other Personal Trainers is that he brings a unique combination; knowledge about the mechanics of the body and posture, along with a deep sense of caring for his clients health & their pain. He is the consummate professional. His sessions are created ‘individually, based on the clients’ respective health issues’- which to me personally, is a HUGE deal.

With Adam, you always know you’re getting his very BEST and I promise you with each ‘results-oriented session’ with him, you will learn something new about your body. I feel very confident that my clients/patients can benefit from his excellent work. Adam’s expertise in his field continues to amaze me!”
-Bomi B.

“Having trained with Adam for almost three years,  he has been a great partner in working on my overall health and fitness goals.  I have reocurring issues with my back, as well as other body parts,  and Adam has developed a training program which has helped me return to a more normal life with less pain, better overall health and movement.

Adam has considerable knowledge and experience in fitness, training, nutrition and overall body movement and health and keeps up to date with new health and fitness techniques and incorporates these into our training sessions.  He is a valued partner and keeps me motivated towards my health goals.  He is the best! “
-Lon J.

“Adam is an outstanding health and fitness professional.
What impresses me about Adam is his abundance of knowledge in many different areas. He looks at the body holistically, and recognizes that health is a composite of proper muscle function, individual nutritional needs, and mental well being. He continuously educates himself and stays current with the latest research within the health care profession.”

“The patients I send to him always come back with a more thorough understanding of their body and how to maintain health. I highly recommend health care professionals establish a working relationship with Adam to improve patient recovery and prolong overall patient health.”
-Dr. John B.

“Adam is extremely knowledgeable about the health and fitness industry. I hired him for 20 weeks to learn how to utilize the machinery at my gym and get on a weekly regimen that he set up for me… I got in the best shape of my life and dropped 15 lbs in less than 6 weeks!! Adam is extremely professional and personable. I highly recommend Adam, and because of him, I still follow his advice and keep up my workout routine. I enjoy working out and will continue to do so because of him…Thanks Adam!!”
-Kim F.