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More than just chiropractic adjustments

At Premiere Spine and Sport, we redefine your healthcare experience by breaking free from the conventional, rushed appointments where doctors seem more focused on quotas than your well-being.

Traditional chiropractic adjustments address the symptoms instead of targeting the root cause of your pain.

This approach, while providing temporary relief, often leads to a cycle of frequent treatments, recurring discomfort, and without significant progress.

You deserve more than just short-term relief; you deserve long-term results.

If you truly want to fix your body, you need a chiropractor that provides both immediate relief and a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. Because chiropractic alone will ALWAYS fall short.

That’s why we combine the strengths of chiropractic care with specialized therapies and techniques to create strategies and treatment plans that deliver lasting benefits and results.

Male professional golfer holds an orange mobility stick behind his back during the various chiropractic techniques and treatments used to improve movement and performance health.

When you visit one of our Idaho locations, you can expect an experience of care the way it should be. Personalized, unrushed treatment sessions – every time.

Chiropractic Care Focused on Movement, Not Just Symptoms

Chiropractic care aligns your body, ensuring that your spine and joints are functioning optimally, which can offer immediate relief from pain.

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    Targeted Adjustments

    Precise chiropractic adjustments to alleviate current discomfort and enhance joint mobility

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    Evidence-Based Care

    Treatments rooted in the latest research for sports therapy, ensuring the highest level and most up-to-date care

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    Customized Treatment Plan

    Your recovery sessions include chiropractic care, but are part of a more comprehensive plan to address the core causes of your condition

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    Preventative Strategies

    Feel empowered with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to proactively stay healthy, out of pain, and reduce the risk of future injury

At Premiere Spine and Sport, we’ll address the underlying issues through a combination of treatments that allow your body to heal and regain natural, pain-free movement.

Don’t settle for temporary relief

Modern chiropractic care that makes lasting relief your everyday companion.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Their words, not ours.

See what others say about working with Premiere Spine and Sport.

“I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years, but this is the 1st place to address the whole body with movement and exercise in mind as well as adjustments. I highly recommend Premiere Spine and Sport.”
– Jeremy M
“Wow. Everything about this practice is incredible. Premiere Spine and Sport is different than any chiropractor I’ve ever been to in the best way possible. After 2 appointments and 10 minutes of pre-planned exercises every day, the chronic pain in my neck has begun to minimize. It’s a great mix between chiropractic and physical therapy.”
– Erin P
“I came here with terrible back pain. Dr. Brink helped me overcome it within a week. He understood the problem and treated it very efficiently. He even taught me how everything is connected. If you are looking for a good chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Brink.”
– Rammohan A

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are You Different From Other Chiropractors?

The truth is what most chiropractors do is only a sliver of what we do at Premiere Spine and Sport. And we don’t just simply make a quick adjustment to the area of your body that hurts.

Chiropractic adjustments are merely one of many therapies we integrate into your treatment session. These range from soft tissue therapy (cupping, Graston, ART, etc.), to movement rehab, performance exercise, kinesiology taping, laser therapy, and more.

We do an assessment at the start of EVERY visit. Based on what you are feeling that day we cater your treatment to you and your needs. Rarely are two treatment sessions ever the same and typically last 1 hour.

What Chiropractic Techniques Do You Use?

There are a variety of different techniques a chiropractor can use. We utilize several, as you may respond better or prefer one over another. This makes our adjustments suitable and safe for everyone.

We practice Diversified Technique (high velocity, low amplitude manual thrust) that often produces the “cracking” sound most familiar with a chiropractic adjustment. For patients uncomfortable with this method, we offer more gentle techniques using an Activator or Impulse adjusting tool.

Do I Have To Be Adjusted During My Treatment?

NO! Adjustments are optional and are not our focus. They are used to provide immediate pain relief or encourage proper joint movement, but we utilize many different techniques that give you the same results as a manual adjustment.

As A Chiropractor, Why Are Prescribing Exercises?

Good quality movement is key to longevity. Exercise is the best form of medicine and what we prescribe will be catered to what your body needs.

Blending traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, and mobility training is our unique approach to being a sports chiropractor that goes beyond the standard level of care.

My Doctor Told Me NOT To See A Chiropractor, Why?

There are many healthcare professionals who believe pills are the only fix for your symptoms. These medical doctors often have never interacted with a chiropractor and aren’t sure what we can really do. With this general mindset, we can guarantee they have no idea what we do at PSS.

What Does A Chiropractic Adjustment Actually Do?

Also known as joint manipulation, adjustments aim to restore joint movement and can provide relief from musculoskeletal pain, shorten recovery time after a strain, increase range of motion, and have a positive influence on the nervous system.

Tissue injuries, especially left untreated, often lead to restricted movement and motion around joints. That’s why seeking sports therapy treatment soon after an injury is key to a speedy, healthy recovery.

Will I Be Sore After Getting A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Most likely your adjustment will provide instant relief. But similar to a new exercise, you may experience minor soreness as your body and muscles adjust. Soreness from an adjustment, if any, typically lasts less than 24 hours.

Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before and after your treatment sessions.

Is It True That Once I Go, I Will ALWAYS Have To Go?

NO, NO, NO. This is what “other” chiropractors prescribe. They claim regular adjustments (forever) lead to better health. This is simply not true.

Our treatments are finished once you have reached the goals you set in our initial evaluation. Some do choose to stay after they feel amazing to keep their bodies moving and hold themselves accountable.


How Often Will I Need To Come In?

Treatment plans are customized based on your condition and typically will start with no more than 2X’s per week.

How Long Will Each Treatment Session Be?

Due to the comprehensive nature of each session, most treatments last a full hour, depending on what you need.

For details about individual appointments, visit our general FAQs.

What If All I Want Is To Come For One Visit?

Our first priority is to educate you on what is going wrong and what the potential root cause is. Then we’ll come up with a treatment process. But the decision is ultimately up to you.

Is There A Certain Type Of Client/Sport You Work With?

We have worked with professional athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, everyday active adults, and everything in between.

But here is a basic profile of people we can help:
1. Active teens/college – those who have injured themselves and want to get back to their sport
2. Active adults – who have been injured while exercising or playing their sport and are looking to get back to a pain-free active life.
3. Weekend warriors – those who work long hours during the week but want to spend weekends playing or training for their sport.
4. Those NOT wanting to just take a pill for their recovery process.

Still have questions? Check out our general FAQs or contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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