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FREE Group Mobility Classes

Where fitness meets fun and education

Our group classes, workshops, and seminars are designed to teach you practical techniques you can incorporate into your daily routine for improved mobility. Classes are FREE, fun, and suited for all ages.

Typically held at least once a month at various locations throughout the Treasure Valley. You’re always welcome to join us as many times as you like.

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Dr. Justin Brink standing in the middle of a circle of people as he leads a free group mobility class in Meridian.
Dr. Justin Brink cuts a section of mobility tape for a professionals kinesiology taping class in Eagle, ID.

Kinesiology Taping Classes

For practitioners, by practitioners.

Mastering the art and science of kinesiology taping allows you to provide your clients with innovative solutions for pain relief, support, and performance.

Great for practitioners specializing in sports conditioning, prenatal massage, or any other therapeutic field. Classes are fully customized to an individual or a group and can span from beginner to advanced.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Their words, not ours.

See what others say about working with Premiere Spine and Sport.

“Amazing instructor! Very easy to follow and knows his stuff!”
– Keshawn L
Dr Brink is incredible! I have been to many physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists etc, but have never learned to use my body in the way he teaches. He has helped me to move better and be aware of how my body is feeling and what to do to help it to feel better. I LOVE, LOVE PREMIERE SPINE AND SPORT!
– Deb F

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are You Different From Other Physical Therapists?

Most physical therapy clinics are very ‘cookie cutter,’ providing general exercises that may not help with your pain. We give you the right exercises for the right problem.

We can provide you with the same services that a typical physical therapy clinic offers, plus so much more. And our 1-1 customized sessions give you the personal attention you need and desire.

Do I Need To Get A Doctor's Referral To See You?

We do not need a referral for you to see us. Just give us a call or email.

Will I Get Home Exercises?

Yes. Most visits we will be giving you more layers to the movement exercises we are working with. Although it’s not a requirement for you to do the home exercises, we do encourage it.

Results are driven by your active role in your rehab program.

What Will My Treatment Schedule Look Like?

Most treatment plans are no more than 2X’s per week. But this depends on what condition you come in with.

Still have questions? Check out our general FAQs or contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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