The health and fitness world is saturated with “professionals” giving out advice with their credentials being how lean they look in pictures, how often they do insane workouts, or how many calories they can eat.

This is backward.

They are selling you the end result as a way to get where you want to go.

It wouldn’t make sense to tell someone with really high stress, poor eating habits, and low quality sleep that all they need to do is get really lean to be healthy.

You don’t get shredded and magically become healthy.

Most of the time, you need to get healthy to be sustainably lean.

It also wouldn’t be smart to tell someone just starting to exercise and get in shape that they need to crush themselves several times a week with insane, high volume/high-intensity workouts.

Even the best athletes in the world don’t train to exhaustion every workout, or even in most of their workouts.

It’s not sustainable and in the long run, can cause injury.

Those high-level athletes have earned the right to workout at an all-out intensity by building a solid foundation of unsexy, not flashy, but consistent workouts and recovery sessions.

Lastly, it’s probably not in a person’s best interest when they’re trying to improve the health of their metabolism, to start eating massive amounts of calories each day.

You need to eat well, move consistently, sleep well, and manage your stress to improve the health of your metabolism, and THEN you have the chance to eat larger amounts of calories without too many negative effects.

Getting shredded, doing insane workouts, and eating tons of calories without gaining significant amounts of weight are OUTCOMES.

They are the by-products of the little things:

  • eating whole foods 80% of the time
  • daily movement, stretching, and mobility work-consistently sleeping a solid 7-9 hours each night-consistent, unsexy workouts that YOU CAN RECOVER FROM

Now I know these outcomes look really good.

Sound really good.

And make it easier to sell products.

But they can NEVER replace the effect of simple and powerful habits done consistently over long periods of time.

Chasing the results without earning them is an awesome way of getting neither the results nor the “health” that they imply.

We must focus on the fundamentals.

  • Eating high-quality food.
  • Drinking adequate amounts of water.
  • Getting enough high-quality sleep.
  • Moving with intention throughout your day.
  • Exercising consistently enough to keep your body healthy and strong.
  • Actively work to de-stress by taking walks, practicing meditation, doing breathwork, or spending quality time with family and friends.

These are the magic pills.

These are the miracle diets.

It’s simpler than you’ve been told. And more work than you’d probably like.

But I PROMISE that it’s worth it.

Start small.

Focus on consistency over perfection.

And all of these healthy habits add up to create a healthy life.

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