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Strategies for fitness enthusiasts that go beyond recovery

Whether you love to play sports or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, injuries are an unfortunate reality.

But have you ever experienced a path to recovery that didn’t just help you recover after an injury, but made your body stronger and more resilient than before?

If you’ve tried physical therapy or other sports chiropractors in Idaho, we’re guessing the answer is: No.

Because true sports therapy isn’t just focused on recovery. It’s about prevention. Not a series of adjustments or following the same exercise protocols given to everyone else.

That’s why our integrative approach is anything but standard. It’s a pathway to help you out of pain, prevent future setbacks, and unlock your athletic abilities – whether you’re a competitive athlete or an avid sports enthusiast.

Male athlete sits in the 90-90 position as he grips an orange mobility stick during performance therapy training in Eagle, ID.

Sports Therapy that builds functional strength and accelerates healing

Our expert team combines a variety of therapies to fully customize each and every treatment session.

While effective individually, these therapies work synergistically to significantly reduce recovery time and support the functional strength your sport requires.

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    Functional Strength Training

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    Mobility & Stability Training

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    Soft Tissue Mobility

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    Kinesiology Taping

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    Class IV Laser Therapy

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    Active Release (ART®)

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    Cupping Therapy

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    Myofascial Release

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    Functional Movement Assessments (FMS & SFMA)

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    Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR)

Designed for athletes, by athletes

The unique demands athletes like you face, means you need a customized and integrative treatment approach that’s specific to you and your sport.

We understand because we ourselves are athletes.  And have helped numerous professionals for over 16 years.

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    Targeted Treatments

    Comprehensive, strategic therapies and treatments to address your pain and help you bounce back faster

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    Customized Plan

    Each session is personalized and unique, focused on your goals and eliminating the root causes of your pain and injury

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    Elevated Approach

    Treatments backed by sports science that propel your performance and evolve as you do

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    Injury Prevention

    Integrative strategies, training, and tools tailored to your needs, to keep you healthy, strong, and in the game

Don’t settle for standard therapy

Experience modern sports therapy that’s tailored to your unique aspirations, body, and sport.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Their words, not ours.

See what others say about working with Premiere Spine and Sport.

“Justin did a fantastic job getting me back on track with my knee! He is a great resource for anyone who is looking to rehab or improve their mobility and all around function!”
– Aaron B
I twisted my ankle while hiking back in July, with my first marathon looming in 5 months, I thought I’d give chiropractics a try. I was impressed by Dr. Brink’s honesty and integrity. My ankle was back to normal after 4 appointments. It’s been two months since my last appointment and I have no pain whatsoever.”
– Dorothy L
“I’ve been dealing with a nagging right glute injury and recently strained my right hamstring. The initial evaluation was very thorough. Dr. Brink provided exercises and videos to help with “retraining” my body. In just a week, I’m starting to feel the difference.”
– CeCe L

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are You Different From Other Physical Therapists?

Most physical therapy clinics are very ‘cookie cutter,’ providing general exercises that may not help with your pain. We give you the right exercises for the right problem.

We can provide you with the same services that a typical physical therapy clinic offers, plus so much more. And our 1-1 customized sessions give you the personal attention you need and desire.

Do I Need To Get A Doctor's Referral To See You?

We do not need a referral for you to see us. Just give us a call or email.

What If My Doctor Is Recommending Surgery?

It depends on what type of surgery he is recommending. If it’s something that is life-threatening, please listen to them or get a second opinion. 

But if we’re talking about the musculoskeletal system, then rehab prior to a potential surgery has shown huge benefits. If you need surgery, then starting your rehab process prior will only create better behaviors post-surgery.

How Long Should I Wait After An Injury Before Coming In?

Injuries should be taken care of ASAP. The faster you’re in for treatment the faster you’ll get the positive results you’re looking for.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Do Anything About My Injury?

The healing process can be a long process if nothing is done. Pain typically lasts longer than one wants leading to movement compensation and altered tissue behaviors. Things will start to get “tight” and become a recipe for further injuries.

Is It True I May Be In More Pain After Treatments?

The potential for more pain is always a possibility. But most likely will come from soreness or new movements that have stressed tissue in a way they’ve never trained before.

This will be explained during our initial evaluation so there are no surprises.

Will I Get Home Exercises?

Yes. Most visits we will be giving you more layers to the movement exercises we are working with. Although it’s not a requirement for you to do the home exercises, we do encourage it.

Results are driven by your active role in your rehab program.

Can You Coordinate With My Personal Trainer On The “Do’s and Don’ts?

Yes. We work with personal trainers all the time. It creates a better atmosphere for healing both physically and emotionally. And we do not want to waste time in the healing process.

What Will My Treatment Schedule Look Like?

Most treatment plans are no more than 2X’s per week. But this depends on what condition you come in with.

How Long Do Treatment Sessions Last?

Typically, our sessions are a full hour. But it depends on what you need.

What Happens If I Just Want To Come For One Visit?

Our first priority is to educate you on what is going wrong and what the potential root cause is. Then we’ll come up with a treatment process. But the decision is ultimately up to you.

Do You Only Work With A Certain Type Of Client? Or Sport?

We have worked with professional athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, everyday active adults, and everything in between.

But here is a basic profile of people we can help:
1. Active teens/college – those who have injured themselves and want to get back to their sport
2. Active adults – who have been injured while exercising or playing their sport and are looking to get back to a pain-free active life.
3. Weekend warriors – those who work long hours during the week but want to spend weekends playing or training for their sport.
4. Those NOT wanting to just take a pill for their recovery process.

Still have questions? Check out our general FAQs or contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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