Let’s face it.  When you have low back pain, you probably just ignore it for a little while, hoping it will go away.  You take it easy, reducing or temporarily halting your workouts, and you avoid lifting heavy items or bending over.  In other words, you rest.

This initial approach is fine, as most mild and uncomplicated back pain tends to go away on its own. But, if you are going to rest, hoping to avoid a doctor visit, we strongly recommend adding these two exercises to help address the probable cause of your pain – a lack of joint mobility.  (Mobility = flexibility + control)

Warning: Please seek a formal diagnosis from a medical professional if you have any of the following symptoms, as they may indicate a more serious condition:

  • numbness or tingling
  • burning, stinging or searing pain
  • new or worsening headache
  • nausea, bowel or bladder issues

If none of the above warning signs apply to you, try to perform the following exercises 5-10 times per day for 1-2 minutes each time.


Hip 90/90

Perform these exercises correctly and consistently, and you should notice positive changes and a decrease in your pain within a day or two.  

Once your pain is fully eliminated, it’d be wise to continue with the exercises.  You may not need to do them 5-10 times per day, but maintaining this new mobility will help you reduce the risk of experiencing the same type of low back pain in the future.  

IF you do not notice a positive change after 3 days, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us.   We’ll take you through a full assessment to determine what’s going on and develop a treatment plan to help relieve your pain.

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