Because life has still not quite gotten back to normal, with many of us still working from home, I wanted to update this guide to helping mobilize and open up your upper back.

I don’t know about you, but working from home has got me sitting and working in positions that I’m not used to.

One of the most effective techniques I’ve found for keeping my upper back and neck feeling good by the end of the day is sprinkling in movement throughout my day.

Rather than sitting still all day and trying to stretch and mobilize everything after I’ve gotten tight, I like to do a minute or two of movement every hour or so.

This has made a huge difference for me.

If you missed my article on movement breaks, check it out here.  

Outside of taking movement breaks, you need to include exercises into your routine that are effective at mobilizing your upper back and neck.

Exercise #1: Shoulder Handcuffs

Exercise # 2: Wall Shoulder Circles

With all of these exercises, focus on making them slow and controlled doing your best to avoid too much compensation from other body parts. 

For another great sequence of exercises to improve the health and motion of your upper back, check out John Rusin’s article on improving thoracic mobility. 

Conclusion: How are these working for you?

Are you feeling any better from doing these exercises? Does one work better for you than others?

Have any specific topics you’d like covered in a future article?

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